It's Never To Late To Start Maintaining Your Home


 When people decide to put their homes for sale often what is overlooked is maintenance. Do you have a  program of any kind.

 There are hundreds of things that can be done and dozens of things that must be done!

 I will tell you what I think must be done first.


 Buyers, Insurance Companies, Banks, Inspectors and Realtors are very concerned with issues around maintenance and permits on a property.


 Home Inspectors will find a lot of the issues upon an offer being accepted which leads to the 11th hour stress on a contract of sale, waiting to see if the subject to a building inspection goes' through or not. Usually the home inspection is the last subject to be acted on after financing etc. because of the cost involved.


 I recommend that Sellers pay for a home inspection before the home is for sale to know what has to be done. Once the home is for sale the buyers can preview the inspection and maybe do a walk through with the inspector. no surprises. no 11th hour waiting.


 Home Maintenance Programs offers Sellers time to assess the maintenance and cosmetic issues of a particular property and to address those issues from the Realtors point of view for future sale.


 I as a Realtor can suggest things to do for the best return for the least amount of money and also satisfy buyer concerns and owners needs.


 I have been on hundreds of home inspections over the 25+ years of selling and I know a lot of what to look for. I have been a contractor myself and can sometimes suggest low cost or even free remedies that will maintain your property, improve its curb appeal and help ensure its continued rise in value.



If Your Selling Now or Years from Now It's Not to late! 


Give me a call to arrange your appointment typical walk through lasts about an hour.

A Home Maintenance Program saves and makes a lot of money,  to Sell for Top Dollar.